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The PK mobile app enables all HCA affiliated providers to better track, care for and communicate about their patients with other providers - inpatients or outpatients - via their iOS or Android device.

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View Lab Results

Access Anytime, Anywhere.

Mobile Clinical Results brings all of the patient’s clinical data together for you on your smartphone or tablet.

Manage Patient Lists

The patient list capabilities, both on the desktop and the Smartphone, are a particularly powerful and useful PK capability. Providers can have multiple patient lists for various purposes.

Team Communcations

PatientKeeper NoteWriter enables clinicians, using just a few mouse clicks, to quickly and easily create robust, complete, daily progress notes and other encounter documentation.

PACS and EKG Images

PatientKeeper presents patient data from MEDITECH with information from ancillary systems such as PACS, EKG, lab, and e-prescribing for single access and sign-on through a Web portal or mobile device.

Charge Capture

PatientKeeper Charge Capture allows healthcare institutions to streamline the billing process for their providers without disrupting their existing IT infrastructure.