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Mobile Heartbeat (iMobile)

Mobile Heartbeat (iMobile)

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Mobile Heartbeat

Combining the flexibility of a mobile platform with vast network capabilities of our facilities, Mobile Heartbeat (iMobile) enables real time messaging, lab review, broadcast communication and voice calling features.

Are you a specialist, provider, support staff or non HCA staff?

You may need PatientKeeper

faster connect time
faster clinician response time
improvement in HCAHPS scores
reduction in steps
noise reduction

Benefits of Mobile Heartbeat (iMobile)

Benefits for patients
  • Improved call bell response

  • Noise reduction

  • Faster care delivery

Compliance Benefits
  • Secure messaging

  • HIPAA/HITECH compliant

Benefits for Providers
  • Find care team quickly

  • Faster communication to staff

  • More communication options

  • Approved point of care apps

  • Fewer care interruptions

  • Quickly identify available users

  • Broadcast message to entire Patient Care Team

  • Lab result notifications

  • Quickly identify critical lab values

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