Meditech Update 2020.2 will go live on 9/15/20. Some of the changes include:

Discharge Order

Additional Discharge routines used to be free text, now there are options to select for additional information.

In addition:

  • If PCP or Attending Follow-up chosen, user will be directed to pertinent queries.
  • If Consultant Follow-up is chosen, the Discharge Follow Up order will be reflexed.

eCQM Discharge

  • If [None] is selected, it will skip to next section.
  • If any of the other options are selected, logic in the screen will direct you to answer further queries specific to the selection such as Statin at Discharge, LDL, EJ Fraction etc.

Peds/Newborn Add.

Routines query to add pertinent instructions – skipped if patient is > 18 y/o; required if patient < 18 y/o

PDOC templates

Discharge Summary Notes

  • If the provider enters all the information on the Discharge Order, then, information will flow into the PCP tab, D/C Instructions Tab and D/C note tab.
  • The additional discharge routines is required and a “none” response is available if the routines do not apply.

Critical Care H&P note

  • This template is developed from the physical exam portions of the T&P section, and the free text A&P field that will be available through active recall for Critical Care Consult and progress notes.

Wellbaby and NICU templates

The following fields will flow from the order:

  • Diet, Activity, Follow up Appointments, Plastibell, Mogen/Gomco, Respiratory, hearing instructions, and Spec Feeding Instructions.
  • There is an additional required query, Peds/Newborn add.