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Surgery Applications



Meditech is HealthONE/HCA's central electronic medical record (EMR) system. It contains all patient information, physician documentation (PDOC), and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) capabilities.


The Picture Archive Communication System (PACS) is used to view image studies and reports completed on patients for reference and diagnosis.


MUSE is the Cardiology Information System that stores ECGs and EKGs. It is available to view reports and studies for all providers.

HIE Clinician Portal

The hCare Clinician Portal provides easy access to all Meditech, PACS, and MUSE housed information in one easy web based location. You can manage patient lists here for rounding and follow-up as well. You will also find easy links to UpToDate for CMEs and other provider resources.


PatientKeeper 8 (PK8) is a highly mobile solution that allows you to view hCare Clinician Portal information in a native mobile application. PK8 is snappy, easy to read, and has several tools within it to view patient information.

HIE Clinical Viewer

The HIE CV (Health Information Exchange Clinical Viewer) aggregates all patient data collected on a patient from any HCA facility into one easy to view location. The HIE CV launches directly from Meditech using the Magic Key Menu from EDM and PWM

eSurgical Services

A centralized HealthONE service department specializing in accurate and efficient surgical patient chart completion prior to surgery- benefitting the patient, physician offices, and HealthONE hospitals.
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