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              Two-Point Authentication             for Remote Access

A new, more convenient way to verify your ID when logging in remotely with new devices.

If you are unable to access the network to register, please call the provider support line:  1-844-362-9110

Note: Use your 3-4 ID to enroll. 

Must be connected to HCA network to enroll, will not work on mobile devices

ID Verification

Instead of answering security questions, users will be sent a verification code to the email address or phone number of their choosing.  They will only need to enter the code one time per device.

Login Screen

Login Screen


  • Must be connected to HCA Network.
  • Use your 3-4 ID and password to login to the enrollment site.
  • Enter default preference for receiving verification code (email or phone number).
User preferences

User preferences

Verification Code

Users will receive a verification code via email, text message or voice call that they will use to access VDI/eSRA on a new device.