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HealthONE Connect

HealthONE Clinical Access

Providers and their office staff can access HealthONE patient information using either Meditech or PatientKeeper (Portal) by submitting a clinical access form with their practice and personal basic information.  Follow the link below to access the request forms. 

HealthONE Connect

HealthONE Connect is our way of getting you the patient data you need from hospital to provide the best care to your patients. There are several options for data delivery and they are all FREE at this time. Please read through the options below and let us know if you're interested.

EMR Integration

With this solution data is interfaced directly from HealthONE hospitals to your practice EHR. Our integration can work with over 250 practice EHR vendors!


Data is delivered via this solution to a secure website where you can download and print the records and reports you need, when you want them. This can also be configured to print automatically at certain times of the day as you wish. No EHR is required for this solution.

File Delivery

HealthONE data will be sent directly to a secure folder on a computer in your practice. You'll be able to receive these reports in real time and pull them from your folder as needed. No EHR is required for this solution either.

PCP Notification 2.0

This newly enhanced solution will send you and/or designees of your choice an email or text message upon a trigger event at a HealthONE hospital. If your patient is admitted, discharged, transferred, etc., you will know about it. You will also receive any report associated with the patient's visit attached in the email notification.