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eSurgical Services

eSurgical Services

Who we are

A centralized HealthONE service department specializing in accurate and efficient surgical patient chart completion prior to surgery- benefitting the patient, physician offices, and HealthONE hospitals.

What we do

Collect and electronically organize required pre-surgical documentation for scheduled surgical procedures and pre-admit testing appointments performed at any of our HealthONE hospitals.

How we do it

Receive pre-surgical documents via fax, scan, or virtual print; electronically indexing them into the eSurgical System for integration into the patient’s medical record.

Our commitment to excellence

Requests for missing documentation begins 4 business days prior to surgery and continues until the chart is complete. All patient charts are audited for completeness and accuracy 2 business days prior to surgery.



eSurgical Services maintains a standard of excellence when all documents are received 4 business days prior to surgery, promoting an optimal experience for all patients and physicians

Surgeon office area of responsibilities
  • Book Pre-Admit Testing and/or surgery/procedures with facility OR Scheduling Department

  • Fax required documents to eSurgical Services once patient has been booked, or 4 business days before surgical procedure:

    • Signed surgical consent
    • Pre-Admit Testing Orders (if applicable)
    • History & Physical (within 30 days)
    • Prenatals (if OB case)
    • Pre-Op Orders (if not via CPOE)
    • Testing Results: EKG, Labs, Rad (if not in Meditech)
    • Medical Necessity
    • Other pertinent information

  • Ensure all documents are valid, legible and signed by surgeon

  • Preprogram facility eSurgical fax number below.

  • Contact eSurgical Services for support with general questions or system issues (faxing transmittals, documentation issues, etc.)
eSurgical services area of responsibilities
  • Receive file in eSurgical System

  • Timely and accurately manage all inbound documentation

    • Verify file for name
    • Verify file for date of birth

  • Assign patient and document type (H&P, Lab, etc.) upon indexing to patient chart

  • Re-request documents:

    • missing pages
    • skewed or illegible images
    • missing patient identifiers

  • Perform final chart audit and quality assurance check to ensure chart accuracy

  • Follow up with surgeon/PCP's office contact (via fax/call/email) if documentation not recieved 4 business days prior to surgery

  • Ensure open lines of communication with surgeon offices and hospital contacts
Hospital area of responsibilities
  • Pre-Admit Clinic/OB Unit (Day Prior to Service)

    • Batch print All Patient Charts after 12 noon day prior to scheduled surgery/procedure

  • Review printed charts to ensure accuracy/chart completeness

  • Notify surgeon's office regarding missing documents

  • Assemble patient's chart and deliver to Pre-Op area

  • Manually flag documents needing surgeon's update or signature

  • Pre-Op or OB Unit (Day of Service)

    • Batch print Added Documents and add to patient's chart
    • Manually flag documents needing surgeon's update or signature
    • Work with surgeon to complete any additional documents needing surgeon's update or signature
North Suburban Medical Center: 303-788-3568
Presbyterian / St. Luke’s Main: 303-788-3573
Rose Medical Center: 303-788-3578
Sky Ridge Medical Center Main: 303-788-3566
Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children: 303-788-3575
Sky Ridge Medical Center: 303-788-3561
The Medical Center of Aurora: 303-788-3571
Swedish Medical Center: 303-788-3570

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